For each Dive Bar NFT you purchase, you can nominate which dive bar to support. Your NFT is dynamic and will display the name of the organization you nominated and the total amount in the Dive Bar Fund.

In appreciation of your support, you will be able to get a free drink from the dive bar you nominated (with verification of NFT ownership)

Nominate a local bar in need https://divebardao.com/nominate

Check out the community progress!

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For each Dive Bar NFT you purchase, you can nominate an establishment in need (US-based only) and place a vote in the DAO. Your NFT is dynamic and will regularly update to display the total amounts raised for both the Dive Bar Fund and the shop you nominated. Dive Bar Fund
80% of net proceeds go into a Dive Bar Fund controlled by the DAO. When the DBF reaches $20,000, the DAO will vote on which bar will receive said amount. 

    1. Nominate Local Bars in Need
      Purchase an NFT and nominate an establishment you’d like to support. For every 100 nominations, a shop will receive $1,000 from the Dive Bar Fund.
    2. Join the DAO
      Each NFT you own is a DAO vote, and the Dive Bar Community will decide which shop will receive assistance. Visit the Community page to learn more.
    3. Dynamic NFT
      The NFT image will update to show Dive Bar Fund progress, such as total funds raised, how the bar you nominated is progressing and when DAO voting will occur. 
    4. Commemorative NFT of Bar (for winner)
      Get a commemorative NFT of the winning bar.